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    one of my cars is a Chrysler 300 with a custom paint job and vogue tires. I just had it washed. they did a good job washing the car but as usual they did a bad lob on the vogue white walls. all through the years its been said the vogue white wall tires were very hard to clean. I agree. so for laughs I got on u tube to see what people tried everything. BUT now here is a TIP for the day one person did this on U TUBE. that person recommended a can of SHOUT IT OUT no kidding. he demonstrated it on U TUBE. he sprayed the tire let stand 45 to 60 seconds. he then using a high pressure water system,he then rinsed the tire clean of the chemicals and the dirty water. the white wall were very clean. I could not get over how clean and how the white walls looked. I myself tried it and I was amazed at how well it worked, no scrubbing just spray it on let it stand 45 to 60 seconds and power wash it off.
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    Thanks for the tip Leonard! I have white walls on only 2 cars but many of the others have raised white letters that can also use your tip. Next trip to the store it will be at the top of the list.
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      Which Shout product did you use? I Googled the name and there were several products.
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        I've been using Shout stain remover for the past 30 years or so. For whitewalls or white letter on tires, I spray it on and let it sit for a minute or two. The dirt and discoloration dissolves and they look like new afterwards. Shout is also good for upholstery and carpet stains and is a good degreaser for you hands too. I buy it in a gallon container that comes with a spray bottle at Sams Club.

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