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57 hawk roof halo

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  • 57 hawk roof halo

    I have been working on this hawk for years now some of you might remember it needing a roof which I got from Tom in South Bend.
    Sine then I moved from Indiana to Virginia and left the Hawk behind because I had Paint and Interior already in progress. Well here is the olds story of while the cat is away the mice don't do nothing. Anyway I finally got the paint guy to jamb it out so the glass/interior guy could put the windshield and back glass in so I didn't break them in transit. When I went to pick it up I found the car just barely jammed out like he couldn't at least paint the whole roof. But wait there is more. The interior guy put the glass in and the headliner without installing the Halo band which I left him clips and nuts for mounting clips. So here is my question, I understand there are 2 types of clips one with studs and nuts and another with barrel clips. Question is are the holes in the roof the same size for either clip and if so where can I find the barrel clips so I don't have to take out the back glass to put nuts on.

    Thanks Rick

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    They are the same

    - - - Updated - - -

    Napa or Fastenal
    Dwayne Jacobson


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      Great news I don't have to remove headliner again. Do you know what to ask for at either place lice length or diameter ?


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        Also you may want to check with some companies that make clips for the older cars. They use to make different size clips that had a end on it when it pushed though the hole it would expand and hold the mdlg. tight to the sheet metal.Good luck with the barrel clips they never held real good on anything but emblems. Also be sure to seal the hole as best you can from the outside so you don't end up with water running though the hole and soak your headliner.