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1950 and 51 Commander differences in the clock?

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  • 1950 and 51 Commander differences in the clock?

    I was looking for a clock for my 51 and someone has this one? I assume it is from a 50? The second picture is my delete. Can the 50 lens and guts fit into the 51 bezel. The 50 looks deeper and I am not sure if it has a smaller diameter where the lens fits.
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    The clock in the upper photo I believe is from a 1952 Commander, they had a deeper bezel than the 51's. The center piece is the same.
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      I have many of the 1950 to 1951 Commander Clocks. The only difference is the Black and Red center. This is from a visual prospective


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        I also have a nice 1951 Commander clock that I'd trade for a 1950 clock, or just the center part if in nice condition.


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          Many of your questions can easily be answered by Googling.
          In your browser type in your inquire such a "1950 Studebaker Commander clock"
          You can also find where to find a part.
          Your may end up with

          Robert Kapteyn
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