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  • 56j trunk hinges

    I am not sure if I am having a problem with the hinges on my trunk lid or not. When I open the trunk lid, the top side at the rear window comes up about a inch when you start lifting the lid. I have tried watching the hinges from inside the trunk as the lid is coming up and there doesn't seem to be any thing loose or worn out. Is this normal and Studebaker designed it this way or do I just have worn out hinges. Thanks for any info.

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    Worn hinges,they are made from a soft steel &. Where the pivot pins go through the holes become oval shaped causing uneven lift & collapse functions,I took mine apart,drilled out the holes & used a larger pin,lubricated & reassembled.They have been fine for 20 years.The only other option is try to find NOS or good used pair.


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      As an FYI the right hinge part no. 303030 is fairly easy to find NOS, however the left hinge 303031 is almost impossible to find NOS.

      Buying used hinges is usually a crap shoot, unless the person selling them has removed the springs and checked the pins for wear.
      Dan Peterson
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        Just checked my 56J, 62GT and 63GT. They all do as the OP's, but only come up about 1/2" before they, "pop" open. Also, if I lift the trunk from the left hand side, the left hinge pops first, and ditto for the right. That pop is a tipping point, designed into the hinge geometry, and works in reverse when closing the trunk. It is what holds the forward edge of the trunk closed nice and snug.

        To insure the hinge "pops" are synchronized, there are several adjustments, including slotted mounts, and slotted washers/shims to use between the upper mount and body.

        To insure smooth operation, place an old towel below each hinge. Then use a squirt can, with 10w30 to, "hose down" all moving parts, including the springs themselves. Later, wipe off the excess and remove the towels.

        Most important, from then on, OPERATE the trunk often. With regular use, hinge operation smooths out nicely. You may need to repeat the above in about 20 years. I do recall ever replacing a Hawk hinge. But have serviced them, as described above, on every Hawk owned.

        Enjoy your Hawk. Drive and operate it!
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          Most people have neglected proper lubrication on these hinges. Sometimes they can be brought back to good working order with a lubrication and adjustment. Without lubrication and adjustment, they usually fail to work properly in a period of time, then a replacement is needed, sometimes due to bent parts that were not lubricated. It should be part of the 1000 mile lubrication.
          Gary L.
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            I am definitely getting the pop that you stated. Guess I will try the 10 w 30 and see what happens. Thanks for all the info I will consider everyone's advice.