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56 Golden Hawk Stainless trim needed

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  • 56 Golden Hawk Stainless trim needed

    I purchased a second 1956 Golden Hawk a few years back and have just determined I got screwed more than I originally thought, as i am now assembling the first one after paint. No need to get into the particulars ....bottom line...... I need both the left and right side..... front and the rear quarter stainless strips that NEVER came with all the stainless piled in the trunk......four pieces in all. You can pm me ad will get back to you or call anytime.. 440 281 4478.

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi Mike,

    If you're not with the 56J Register, Google the Register. There you should be able to find a number of vendors and I would recommend it worth getting in contact with Brent Hagen. Also try Jack Vines as aside from specilizing in building the Packard 352 Engine, also has stock that he sells.

    If you draw a blank with both, get on the Studebaker Webring for plenty more vendors. Good luck

    Color looks good on the car!


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      Have had more response than anticipated. Did not know there was so much stainless for the 56J out there. Also, to answer some of the questions asked on the Golden Hawk pictured. Color is 2015 Mercedes red, 6 coats base 3 clear. Wire wheels are 15 inch x 6 from The Wheelsmith on 70's by DB tire. Thanks for the help guys.


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        That 56J in the pix is beautiful!
        Are you needing the four wheel-well pieces, or the lower, aluminum, wide strip that runs along the bottom from front to rear?


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          Hey Joe thanks for the support. I have the luxury of a primo body and paint man. A bit pricey but worth every cent.

          I need to go over to my polisher wednesday to determine the condition of the wheel-well pieces and just what is there. I am not using the aluminum on either of the 56's. Will let you know on the well stainless. Thanks much Joe.


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            Good move not installing the lower aluminum pieces...they truly detract from the otherwise good looks of a '56 Golden Hawk!


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              Am in agreement with the lower aluminum pieces, but to each their own. I rebuilt this this car, and doing the next Hawk the way I car.. my way. I also eliminated the top lights on the front fenders for a cleaner look. Will install turn signals in the front lamps.


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                What kind of seats are those in the above car?
                Joe H


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                  Seats are six way power with lumber out of a 2005 Pontiac GTO two door hardtop. Seat lays forward in order to get into the back seat.