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Update on Cleaning the Fuel System

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  • Update on Cleaning the Fuel System

    I've had my restored 1950 Champion for over 2 years now, but for the past year I've been driving with a spare 5 gallon gas tank on the front floor. Someone had lined a perfectly clean tank 22 years ago, and the liner was coming off and plugging up the pickup tube. I removed the tank a year ago and put in a quart or more of lag bolts and wood screws. I also put in some Black Beauty sandblasting grit. I spun the tank on a 45* angle so the tumbling hardware would strip off the remaining liner. I then flipped the tank over to do the top side. After about an hour spinning in each direction and repeating with it flipped over, the tank came out spotless clean. I reinstalled it last week and went on a 160 mile trip this past Saturday.

    It's running great, but I also installed a fuel pressure gauge to monitor what the electric pump had for pressure. I'm running a 12 volt Holley pump on 6 volts, but have also added a resistor to drop the voltage and slow the pump to lower the pressure. The pressure showed 3 1/2 to 4 when I started in the morning, but had dropped to only about 1 pound later in the day. The car ran great the entire trip, so now I'll leave this resistor in place and remove the pressure gauge. The pump is now running on about 4 1/2 volts. Eventually I want to remove the electric pump and reinstall an original fuel pump, once I'm sure the pump won't leak oil and will survive today's crap gas.

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    Then and Now Automotive have fuel pump rebuild kits with valves, gaskets and diaphragm for today's fuel. I had never rebuilt a fuel pump, but with their instructions it was pretty simple and it works great. Cost of kit for my 63 Daytona was around $60 while a new pump, (that everyone has had problems with) was around $150. Just Goggle their company name, Then and Now Automotive.
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      I bought the kit from Dave at the South Bend Swap meet a month ago. Just haven't installed it yet.