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1951 Studebaker Commander Convertible

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    Rob1950, Did you purchase the car in Watsonville? If you need any help, please PM me.


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      Thanks for all the impute about the car and yes it is a diamond in the rough and I cannot wait to polish it back up. Me and my dad are going to finish up my 1950 starlight because it is very close to being completed after that we will be starting on the convertible. I will keep you all posted about the car as we work on it.


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        Originally posted by dean pearson View Post
        I've been looking rear seats over pretty closely for a couple of years now because I was missing the rear bottom of my 52 hard top.
        I'm surely no expert but what i believe is that the convertible rear seat is the smallest of them all due to the space needed for the top to retract.
        Next up in size is the hard top that needs extra space for the rear windows to roll down. I suspect the hard top may be the same as a car that has the beverage cooler compartments but I'm not 100% sure on that.
        One thing for sure Land cruisers are 4"wider than a hard top.

        They pop out easy enough maybe someone here could give an accurate width needed.

        You are 100% correct about the convertible seat being the smallest of all of them. The Hard top would have the closest to the same sized but they would still need to be modified to work. I might have to get a seat from a hard top or a 4 door and cut it down to size but I would like to avoid that if I can.