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ID:	1751070 I started a thread about 4 months ago in regards to the dismal appearance of my engine compartment. I decided that I would clean up the entire compartment and add a few "performance" items while I was at it, 4 1/2 months later and about 15 thousand dollars and here's what I got. I started with new speedy sleeve and harmonic balancer, (boy was this an ass whipping experience,) next, was all new Avanti water pump, fuel pump, fan clutch, fan blade. I removed the generator out of service in lieu of a 140 amp alternator (best choice I ever made.) Next was electronic ignition, Avanti wires, Jeff Rice Mopar intake, Holley 600 double pumper, and all new wiring from the firewall foreword. My truck already had a Volare sub frame so I reached out to Firm Feel suspension for brand new tubular A arms, oversized stabilizer bar, Bilstein shocks, progressive steering box and topped that off with a new Wilwood disc brake set up, (Also new tires and wheels.) I also dropped the rear suspension and added adjustable coil overs and a 4 link. It isn't the same truck at all, It's Killer now! The steering, handling and braking are superb and the throttle response now is formidable. I brought it out at the Reno meet and it was well received by most of the participants, a quick dash down to the "Hot August Nights" preview was enjoyable as well. I would really like to thank all the vendors who made all this possible, Phil Harris, Studebaker international, Jeff Rice, Dave T-Bolt, Summit Racing (thank God they are only a couple of miles away,) and everyone else that I P.M'ed for questions along the way. The truck drew a big crowd and people were amazed that the "Little Stude" was actually a Studebaker--- Thank you all!

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    That's REALLY nice!

    Congratulations! While I'm in there...........

    I love that truck! That is what I would like for my next one!
    Dis-Use on a Car is Worse Than Mis-Use...
    1959 Studebaker Lark VIII 2DHTP


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      That is a nice truck. What part of NC are you in?
      "Trying to shed my CASO ways"



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        I live in Mooresville (race city.) The truck and I are in Reno Nevada until October and then we will be back in N.C. for awhile, (depending on whether I retire or not.) I forgot to mention that I raised the bumper from the original location up where the Lark bumpers mount, afterwards I realized why Studebaker lowered them (to cover the frame extensions.) I got creative and went to all the big 3 dealerships and measured spoilers. If you notice the bumper has a nice little spoiler underneath, (2016 Ford F-150) it fit perfectly, same contour. I had to trim a little at the top and fabricate some brackets for mounting, I think it cleaned up alot
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          Well done, Gene. That is one nice looking truck. Do you really notice a difference in the way she runs with all the improvements?
          Ed Sallia
          Dundee, OR

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            That is REALLY pretty

            Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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              OMG yes Ed,

              I'm still trying to post a youtube video of me romping on it, It really gets up and moves now, The intake and Carburetor plus the electronic ignition made a "huge" difference, I'm guessing 100 h.p., Jeff Rice's intake is a must, he did such a nice job porting it before delivery and I cleaned up the heads with a little porting as well, it reminds me of a potent little SBC I had in a 66 ElCamino a few years back, I am more than pleased and surprised. After having all that tore apart, regrinding the cam, new wiring, I spun her until I got gas at the carburetor and she fired first crank and I didn't really have to adjust anything but the timing a little, that was a big relief. I naturally figured I was going to have to chase some sort of gremlin around but all was super--- I am stoked!
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                Gene, do you have a separate build thread that you define all that you've done to the engine (cam specs, 289, head port/polish, balancing, etc.) or just what is listed here? What you have described is where I want to be with my 59 Lark and I want to plan accordingly.
                Dis-Use on a Car is Worse Than Mis-Use...
                1959 Studebaker Lark VIII 2DHTP


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                  Beautiful job, done with good taste.
                  Skip Lackie


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                    Really its a matter of preference... Everyone does their builds differently. I didn't do a build thread. I knew what I wanted and have built a "boatload" of different engine/tranny combo's in my years. I found this forum guided me where I was a little inept in regards to Studebakers... for instance, the intake that I'm running wasn't a reality until I saw one on a forum members car, I like Holley carburetors, some don't. My cam was reground by my Nascar buddies back in North Carolina, I gave them the specs for an R1 cam and they laughed and said "we'll make it better" and they did. Upgrading from a generator to an Alternator with MSD and electronic ignition really warmed up the spark, The little porting I did on the heads plus the amazing job Jeff Rice did on the Intake brought this little R1 motor alive. This mopar intake acts similar to a Victor Jr. in that the runners are up high and the fuel will naturally be a little cooler due to the aluminum casting and cool air being able to circulate underneath it. The original intake has such a severe drop in it for hood clearance that the flow of fuel is actually up hill. I built this truck to be strictly a "Hot Rod," it's slammed as far as I can get it without having to lay down to get in and it's buffed over 45 year old paint is fantastic. The Custom tweed interior is definitely 80'S and in nice-nice condition. I will never own another nut and bolt restoration, mine has scratches and couple of nicks here and there and that's good--- I don't have to worry. If you get going drop me a P.M. and I'll answer any questions you have-- Thanks


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                      Originally posted by StudebakerGene View Post
                      [ATTACH=CONFIG]54847[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]54848[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]54849[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]54850[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]54851[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]54852[/ATTACH] I started a thread about 4 months ago in regards to the dismal appearance of my engine compartment. I decided that I would clean up the entire compartment and add a few "performance" items while I was at it, 4 1/2 months later and about 15 thousand dollars and here's what I got. ....
                      Wow! Gene...when you go go first class! When you get back in this part of the country, I hope we meet up at a Studebaker gathering. I wanna ride!
                      John Clary
                      Greer, SC

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                        Gene; I would like to see more of the Volare install.


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                          I am definitely gonna terrorize South Carolina a little when I get back. Alan I will have to get the Stude up in the air to take some photos, The Volare sub frame is alot of work but fits nicely. The disadvantage is, I only found one source for aftermarket Tubular A Arms, steering boxes, torsion bars etc. and they ain't cheap!


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                            Gene it was big fun to meet you and your truck at the zone meet. It is a fine looking truck, hope to see you again before your return to N C.


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                              Hopefully you'll make "Hot August Nights" 55Coupe, and thanks it was great to meet everyone that didn't surrender to the "snow storms, wind !