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Studebaker V8 Water Pump Housing # 680377

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  • Studebaker V8 Water Pump Housing # 680377

    Found this Studebaker water pump housing in my father garage after he passed......I know it is Studebaker V8 ,,but don't know what engine it came on or what car or truck it is from , Has number cast on the back side 680377 ,,,, Any help would be appreciated ,,, of if you are interested in getting this part
    PLEASE contact me at

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    With the water pump mount as high as it is, it looks like a truck manifold. The truck guys will chime in and correct me if I am wrong.
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      Am no expert on casting numbers, but they are often one digit away from part numbers. Part number 680378 was used on V8 trucks until the middle of the 1959 4E series.
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        Yep; it's a V8 truck water pump manifold. Don't let it get away; someone here will want it. BP
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          It is FOR SALE,, I'm new on this Forum,,,, Does it have a classified section....
          I have caught a bunch of problems on other forums for not listing ion the correct section,,,


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            SDC Forum Advertising Policy
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            No problem here!
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              Thanks,,,, I have posted this for sale in the General discussion section as directed,, Any way to delete this thread ??????


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                Threads cannot be deleted once someone other than the OP has responded.
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