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Boat Load of Studebaker's Friday

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  • Boat Load of Studebaker's Friday

    This Friday morning we are joining some Studebaker's from eastern Washington, Bellingham and Whidbey Island taking the Anacortes to Victoria ferry, to drive up Vancouver Island for the 2016 Northwest Overdrive Tour.
    If anyone else is planning to catch the 8:30am boat and want to caravan with other Studes, we hope to see you in Anacortes.

    The Vancouver Island Chapter always does a fantastic job with driving tours and events!
    We can't wait to see so many Studebaker's driven and their drivers creating "Miles of Smiles".

    Thanks to the Vancouver Island Chapter for hosting this years NWOD Tour!

    Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
    Bellingham, WA.

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    Hi James & Stephanie,

    We actually have a reservation for the same ferry on Friday morning. We will be driving Uncle Stu - our 64. We look forward to seeing you again. - Kenny & Kathy
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      2016 nwod

      Your Vancouver Island Chapter hosts are looking forward to your arrival! And yes, we do have a few fun things planned to fill your weekend. The photo below is from 2009 when we last hosted this annual Pacific Can-Am Zone Event.
      Click image for larger version

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      Mark Hayden
      '66 Commander
      Zone Coordinator
      Pacific Can-Am Zone


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        Looks like fun! Maybe someday...
        Home of the famous Mr. Ed!
        K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
        Ron Smith
        Where the heck is Fawn Lodge, CA?


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          James, I wish I could join you folks, but I will be traveling to the Kansas City UMV Zone meet,... however we are going by way of Colorado.. Perhaps I need a new navigator?


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            Say Hi to Phil Singher on Whidbey, who cares for the Swedish Studebaker, the Volvo.
            Ron Dame
            '63 Champ


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              Wish I could ride along, but just got back from delivering a G.H. from Fresno to Stevens Point, WI and an Avanti from Lancaster, PA to Tacoma.

              Gotta get back to my regular job and put some real money in the bank or my wife is liable to gut me like a fish.

              Enjoy the weekend!
              Mike O'Handley, Cat Herder Third Class
              Kenmore, Washington

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                The 63 Wagonaire I'm planning to drive needs to have the carburetor rebuilt tonight when I get home and test drive to work tomorrow.
                Last week it had no door panels, rear seat and a long list of things to do.
                The week before there were no door window frames, regulators, glass and carpet to install.
                The NWOD is a good motivator and challenge to prepare a Studebaker for.
                Once you make the journey, it's very rewarding and motivates you to continue doing more!

                Thanks Rich for the window regulator, carb gasket and hopefully seat belts tomorrow
                Looking forward to seeing everyone who makes it.

                Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
                Bellingham, WA.


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                  Post photos pretty pleeze! Id like to at least be there vicariously!


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                    No apostrophe needed in Studebakers.
                    peter lee


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                      Originally posted by plee4139 View Post
                      No apostrophe needed in Studebakers.
                      This is interesting to me, I have been taught that the apostrophe is only used to show Possession, but the darned spell checker systems always want me to include one for everything that is Plural!

                      What gives, modern newbies and "techies" in this World don't know what they are talking about or what?
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                        Originally posted by BRUCESTUDE View Post
                        Post photos pretty pleeze! Id like to at least be there vicariously!

                        I didn't get many photo's (too busy having fun), but linked are a few slides I took:


                        The 2016 NW Overdrive Tour was great and the Vancouver Island Chapter did a fantastic job!

                        Thanks for the Memories

                        Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
                        Bellingham, WA.


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                          Did you recognize the 1964 Daytona Convertible in the pictures?
                          Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
                          Bellingham, WA.