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1950 Champion Starlight on ebay. Is this for Real?

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  • 1950 Champion Starlight on ebay. Is this for Real?

    Why would this person be selling the car with a "buy it now" of $8900, but $8600 hasn't met reserve. Also the zero feedback makes me wonder about this sale.

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    $8900 may be the reserve.
    Maybe this is their first sale on Ebay. They may not have had anything they wanted to sell before. Everyone has to start somewhere.
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      I've seen it on eBay before... Didn't sell in spite of the good price.
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        Well it's sold now.
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          And I bet the new owner will be pleased with that too.
          Great price.


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            I would have preferred a more correct interior pattern, but I think someone got an excellent buy for a clean looking Starlight Coupe. The thing that surprised me is the fact that the bid didn't meet reserve when it was only $300 less than the buy it now. And if I was the bidder at only $300 less than the b-I-n price, I'd have gone with the b-I-n rather than risk loosing the car over such a small amount of money. Anyway I see soon after this posting, someone jumped on it for a good deal. Wish I had the room for it, but I'd have to sell one first.


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              I'll bet the second bidder[at $8799] is not happy!