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RIP Alan Young

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  • RIP Alan Young

    Alan Young owner of Mr. Ed has passed away, he was 96. I believe he was the last of the original cast left.

    Commercial with Mr. Ed and Wilbur:
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    RIP Alan Young.
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      Met him at the Long Beach meet in 1996. Very nice man. No hint of ego. Had him sign this issue of MOTOR HOLIDAYS (below) and he got Connie Hines to sign it later. I am guessing not many others around. He also signed several of the sky top post cards for me. Still have some.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	mr Ed motor Holidays copy.jpg
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      Richard Quinn
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        RIP Alan Young

        "Actor-comedian Alan Young, who played the amiable straight man to a talking horse in the 1960s sitcom "Mister Ed," has died at age 96"
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          Alan was a Great guy, very sorry to hear that on the 6:00 NBC News tonight.

          He played the part well on the Famous Mr. Ed Show and many Movies. Too bad they did not mention the Sponsor of the Show.

          May he rest in peace, one of the last of the Good Guys in entertainment.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Afton.Young.MrEd.62GT3.jpg
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ID:	1705555 My Dad's Boss, Frank H. Afton presenting the Keys to his New GT Hawk to Alan Young at the Hal Roach Studios in Culver City, CA.

          Note the Black on Yellow 1956 Plate nearing it's end (XBD) before the 1963 Issue Yellow on Black one came out.

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            RIP Alan Young

            Alan Young, star of 1960s sitcom 'Mr. Ed,' dies at 96. A genuine nice guy from what I have read.



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                'Sorry to hear this. Alan was always known to be a gentleman who genuinely cared about the Studebaker connection to Mr. Ed. BP
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                  I remember watching the show when I was young. It was aired on a re-run channel a few years ago (M tv I think). I enjoyed it even more then.
                  Neil Thornton


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                    Still being aired on ME-TV. He has shared so much in his 96 years. I watch "The Time Machine" more for his role than Rod Taylor's.
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                      There are at least three threads/topics on this now. Perhaps a moderator will combine them to get the comments all in one place.
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                        All the mr ed episodes are on youtube.


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                          Great show, Alan had a great run, R.I.P.
                          Loved spotting as many Studebakers as possible...still do!
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                            I saw Alan Young's obituary in our Long Island newspaper, Newsday, today. He always seemed to be a class act to me. May he rest in peace.
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                              I found this web site years ago. They have interviews with the TV 'Stars' from my youth.
                              It is a great site, you can spend hours watching the interviews.

                              Here are the ones recorded by Alan Young.

                              They did a great service, preserving the history while these folks were still alive.

                              Also, the Studebaker Museum has an interview with Alan Young, talking about Studebaker & Mr. Ed Show.
                              The DVD is "Studebaker Commercials: 1959 - 1966"