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  • Yuma R3 - May '16 TW

    I am writing in reference to Dan Kuhl's article "Chapter One - the Yuma R3" in May 2016 "Turning Wheels".

    What is depicted is not a "build sheet"/production order. It is an invoice to the dealer. An invoice includes marketing/advertising costs to be borne by the dealer. The items such as sales promotion and TV advertising are simply advertising costs and not anything to do with the Avanti being scheduled for a TV show. These are costs passed on from the manufacturer, Studebaker, to the dealer, Leeper's in this case. This practice was common for all manufacturers for years. Also, note the prices. They are dealer net, not retail. These invoices were for the dealer, not the retail customer.

    My explanation for the 700 miles is that this Avanti had "test" miles, such as when Egbert pulled a car for personal use. and/or was used for evaluation, such as by automotive magazines. As long as the car was driven on manufacturer's plates and not titled, it would have been legally considered to be a new car.
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