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Champ 8E5 question, again

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    Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
    So you have a '64 with a Manual Trans. and you have not broken the Clutch Lever on the Frame, the cross shaft under the dash or had the Pedal break off and fall on the Floor YET? give it a few more miles.
    Rich, you are a prophet! I gave it about 1000-1500 more miles and sure enough, the clutch pedal went flat to the floor Friday afternoon! Fortunately, I was off the road.

    The culprit was the pivot bolt on the frame, which obviously takes a lot of wear and tear. I cannot access my parts catalogs (it's on CD ROM and my computer is not cooperating ), so can somebody tell me what this part is actually called or, better, provide the part number? And if anyone has a good one, preferably new or NOS, that they would like to sell, I'd appreciate it. I want to get the truck back on the road in time for the Studebaker/Packard/Mercedes-Benz Family Reunion in Raleigh on November 5!

    BTW, it's a 64 8E7 with 3-speed and overdrive.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Mike Davis
    Regional Manager, North Carolina
    1964 Champ 8E7-122 "Stuey"


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      It's a 1552299 "Pivot Pin, Bellcrank" with (2) 1543914 Plastic Bushings. Picture Number 206-44 & 46.
      These are Car Numbers so the same as '61 to '64 Lark and Lark Types.

      This is not all that common, usually it's the welds on the Shafts and Levers, but yes I have sold those in the past for these trucks for the same reason.

      I did not find the Pivot Pin in the S.I. Catalog, just the Bushings. So a call there might work, but I am pretty sure as common as they are for all '61-64 or later Larks, Avanti and all '63-'64 Champs with Manual Trans., if they were there and Ed, Bob Johnson or Jim knew it, they would be in the Catalog.

      So my best guess is that Studebakers West would probably have it, I am down to just ONE for my "New" Truck so I can't help sorry.
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        Thanks, Rich. As always, your knowledge is much appreciated.
        Mike Davis
        Regional Manager, North Carolina
        1964 Champ 8E7-122 "Stuey"