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  • Small Studebaker sign

    I don't know anymore that what this friend sent me. But if you live near Monterey it sure would be worth going to see---
    Don't know if you collect Studebaker stuff, but saw a sign yesterday that you might be interested in if you do.There is a really great place in Monterey called the Antique Mall, Its in the Cannery Row area. Its a huge old 2 story building that has been converted into "sellers spaces". It is more like a museum, and its easy to spend a day browsing and drooling. Its mostly neet old stuff, and a lot of it is auto related. Anyway, there is an old Studebaker sign that is from a dealership, that is probably 5 inches wide and about 2 feet long. It is metal, painted dark blue with the word Studebaker done in what I think of as Studebaker script white. And in 'regular' white script it says New, and Trades Welcome (not sure that is exact, but its close

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    Hey Alex... Long time no see....
    How are you doing?
    '54 still roaming the streets?
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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      Possibly a reproduction here. This guys signs are nice, I have a couple.
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        Alex, I have been to that mall. Really great!
        I may ask my brother to go by there to see the sign if he plans on going up that way from Nipomo soon.
        My brother, Dan, lived in Camarillo for many years and my folks lived in Thousand Oaks. Did you ever meet Chuck Sallia, or Dan Sallia?
        Ed Sallia
        Dundee, OR

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          Hi Jeff, Yes I still take the Studebaker to shows. I don't get here to the forum very often. Seems like I am alway busy.


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            I don't recall ever meeting them. I meet people at shows but we usually use first names only.