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'63 cruisers? Who has them?

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  • '63 cruisers? Who has them?

    just like to know,how many members have a 1963 to 1966 cruiser and what year you have. thanks in advance.

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    63 cruiser, undergoing resto to a clean driver condition. white with blue interior


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      Daughter has a '63 Cruiser. R 2+ cam, .060" over, lots of chrome, Edelbrock carb, 200 trans, 3.73 rear with flanged axles, new Rose Mist paint, Cragers, etc., etc. Would post pictures if I knew how.



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        I have a 1965 Cruiser that was purchased new by my uncle from Morton Studebaker in Omaha, Nebraska. It has the original engine that has been slightly modified. It has been lowered 2" , received a rear away bar and an oversized front sway bar, quick steering arms and Turner front disc brakes. Before the South Bend IM the hope is the car will receive new paint (original Laurintinen green), refurbished interior and rear disc brakes.
        Joe Roberts
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          None now and to many in the past to try and post, always a nice car, couple of the best I ever owned was a 66 and a pair of 63's and all went out of the country.
          Castro Valley,


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            I was almost the owner of a 1963 Cruiser, Green Mist paint with the green brocade interior. What a beautiful well equipped car! Power steering, power disc brakes, automatic trans, tinted glass, and air conditioner.
            I came down with the flu the day before I was to purchase it, by the time I recovered, the car was gone. Always regret missing out on that car!
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              I had a '63 Cruiser as a daily driver for years. But no more. It was all black with a Chestnut interior. Wonderful car!
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                Click image for larger version

Name:	MVC-047S.JPG
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ID:	170436066 Cruiser 283/auto, wire wheel covers, all original but tires and battery with 26,000 miles.
                63 Cruiser R1, HD auto, disc brakes, 3:31 posi, AC, PS, tinted windows. Rose mist, it's in the paint booth now.Click image for larger version

Name:	MVC-036S.JPG
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ID:	1704359Click image for larger version

Name:	MVC-037S.JPG
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ID:	1704418
                Painted the 63 today hope to have it all done for the May Orphan Drags.
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                  I have a '63 Cruiser. It's the best running, driving, most comfortable of my three.
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                    I have a '64 Cruiser R1, A/T on column, manual steering, drum brakes, TT, Astra White with black vinyl interior. I assume it was ordered new by a CASO with a lead foot. I bought it from the original owner who is a farmer. It was sold new by Foley Motors, Harrisonburg, VA. Although it is restorable I consider it a parts car because the business case for restoring a four door is pretty bad. The '63 Cruiser, though, is my favorite Cruiser, although the '61 is a close second. One of my Studebaker fantasies is to restore a '59-60 long-wheelbase taxi or police Lark as a "Cruiser," which I think Studebaker should have built. Just my $0.02.
                    -Dwight FitzSimons


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                      I have a 64 Cruiser with Laguna blue interior. Ordered new with bucket seats, has ac and power steering. Will add flanged rear axles. Right now just waking on a n engine rebuild.

                      Love it!



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                        In the early 1990s I had a 63 Cruiser and, per the log book I still have, drove it 8500 miles. I rebuilt the motor with .040" OS pistons, I got off Mr. Snurley in Colorado, via mail order. When they arrived, I called him because they looked to be higher compression, but he insisted they were regular 289 pistons. Clearly they were different from the ones that came out of it, but I installed them anyway. The motor ran very well and peppy with those pistons, whatever they were. The car was also an excellent driver, overall.


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                          Painted My R1 63 Cruiser today. Hope to have it all done by the May Orphan Drags. Rose Mist, the color looks off in the Pics.Click image for larger version

Name:	MVC-036S.JPG
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ID:	1704419Click image for larger version

Name:	MVC-037S.JPG
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ID:	1704420Click image for larger version

Name:	MVC-038S.JPG
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ID:	1704422
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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_0401.jpg
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ID:	1704423 Karel Staple Chapter Member George Newhouse with his Cruiser.
                            Jon Stalnaker
                            Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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                              ....a 66 is on my bucket list.
                              Lou Van Anne
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