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estimated 30,000 toy cars available in Minneapolis area

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  • estimated 30,000 toy cars available in Minneapolis area

    The following news story aired today (21 March 2016) apparently through multiple news outlets:

    A gentleman recently passed on. He had no wife or children to inherit his collection of automobiles, toys, and literature, so he gave most of it to his church.

    No word when or how they are planning to sell the collection. Also, no specific word if there are any Studebaker or Packards in the collection, although I spotted one Hawk in one of the slideshow photos. If you're interested, keep an eye out for announcements from the church.
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    There were also 4 full size cars. A 1959 Edsel wagon, a 1966 AMC Classic and a 1977 Pontiac Bonneville. There may also be a Model T.
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      More here:



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        Dennis was a great guy. He absolutely loved all cars and their designs. I had the pleasure of meeting him twice. The story is correct. Everything went to a church where he was an usher......except for one item....the 77 Pontiac. That went to a very good friend of his. He too is a great guy and that is how I was introduced to Dennis. The church will be using the money to expand their youth center. Right now they are talking to individual collectors for one sale at one price. If one individual can't take on the whole collection, they will then be talking to some auction companies.


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          Sorry I neglected to mention, there are no full size Studebaker or Packards.


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            I'll bet he knew the UPS guy by name....
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              Well with thirty-thousand cars, there's bound to be more than the Golden Hawk and the '55 Packard Convertible that I saw. As to the second article, some kind of obnoxious ad kept covering it and I couldn't read the thing. I HATE that technique and will always terminate the session immediately when encountering it.
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                There was at least one gold and white 57 Golden Hawk featured in one of the youtube links prominently. Lower left on the shelf. With that many cars though, I'd be interested to know what others he might have acquired. Apparently they're all catalogued, from what I gathered watching the video.


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                  The full size cars that he had were a 60's Rambler, 70's Caprice, 59 Edsel wagon and a Ford model A.