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64 GT questions

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  • 64 GT questions

    I need to know the following if possible

    1. proper original tire size/conversion to today's radials

    2. whitewall width

    3. color code for the cream/white wheel

    4. color code for the Bordeaux Red body color

    Thanks in advance!
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    From my limited knowledge:
    1) Original 670/15 bias ply, modern 215/75R15 radials (wider than the originals, but about the same diameter). Note that the original 4.5"-wide rims are too narrow even for a 205/75R15 tire, let alone a 215.
    2) About 1"
    3) The easiest way to paint wheels is to buy either spray cans or a quart can of the off-white wheel paint from Studebaker International.
    4) I don't know this one. The mixers used in the original alkyd enamel aren't all available today, so one can't have the exact original paint color mixed. Usually, people pick a modern polyurethane paint color that matches and go with that. There are Stude fans who have already gone thru the books and picked the closest match in a modern paint, and I'm sure one of them will chime in with that info.
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      Paint Code is P-6418
      Ditzler number 71418
      RM number 64S51R

      I don't have any DuPont numbers for 1964. I do have "most" of the paint chips from 1936-1965

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        Bordeaux Red in DuPont Centari.
        First time I did it (spring of 1991) it was a fleet color for England Trucking (remember their dark red over the road tractors?).
        Second time (I was doing a repair in August 2005) it was a Ford color.
        Both times the same recipe, #97095A H


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          As usual, Joe, the same recommendation: P195/75R15 if you have 4.5" wide wheels. P205/75R15 if you have 5" wheels.

          The circumference of either will vary by brand, often quite a bit. The Coker Tire catalog, available on line, has all the information you'd ever need about both varieties, stock and radial. BP
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