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Jerome, AZ Studebaker dealership

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  • Jerome, AZ Studebaker dealership

    My brother and sister-in-law just recently returned from a road trip which included a stop in Jerome, AZ. They came across an artsy craftsy shop in an older building and were told it was originally the Studebaker dealership. I have a photo of it but have never posted a photo before and the process looks complex. Anybody know any history of the place?

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    That building was a Studebaker/Marmon dealership. It probably dates to the teens and twenties. The owners of the copper mine probably bought the Marmon cars and the miners bought Fords and management probably bought the Studebakers. For years, the front of the building had in stone the names Studebaker/Marmon. It has been 30 years since I went there but it did have the sign in stone there.

    I think there are Grand Canyon Chapter members that have pictures and may know more of the history. For many years my Grandmother lived in Clarkdale, which is another small town in the valley from the mountain where Jerome is.

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      Look up

      Dicus Studebaker, Jerome, AZ
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