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    One of my co-workers handed me this trim piece and asked if I knew what it was from. I thought I knew but I could not find any pictures that confirmed my guess. Here are some photos of it. Can anyone here identify what vehicle (Make, Model, Year) this is from? My co-worker has 2 of them.

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    1959 Ford Fairlane rear quarter panel trim, four on each side.
    Edit: The wagons only have three per side.
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      FoMoCo is Ford, most likely it is a Ford, but it could be Mercury or Lincoln.

      It looks like it was the "Arrow" for the forward part of the Body Side Trim.
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        Yep, correct ,1959 Ford,
        My father-in-law drove a 59 Ford wagon, all to familiar.
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          Dave Lester


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            Fantastic. As usual, I come here to the Forum for answers.
            B-T-W, my co-worker bought these to give to a friend for her new kitchen. She will be using them as drawer pulls.
            Ed Sallia
            Dundee, OR

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