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55 K and C body factory paint/finish question

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  • 55 K and C body factory paint/finish question

    At the forward most point where the the rear fender bolts to the body there is a small filler panel between the fender and the inner panel. Did the factory seal this (cover with filler) joint or simply paint the area exposing the filler piece seams?
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    The later.
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      The filler pieces were just slipped into place, no sealer(dumb-dumb or seam sealer). Studebaker, no doubt expected some water leakage that they, probably, expected to travel down the inside of the fender and exit the fender drain at the bottom of the fender. Many of us know how that worked!


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        When I put mine back together I dumm-dummed that seam. as well as the vertical seam at the front edge of the quarter. The entire quarter seam below the stainless trim and above the wheel was thus from the factory. Why not? !! While the quarters were off, and after the inner quarters were painted, I also heavily doused the whole area with Amsoil MPHD (Heavy Duty Metal Protectant and chain lube. This construction should not be required again in my lifetime.
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