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  • 56J on eBay

    Have just seen a '56 Golden Hawk on eBay. Interestingly, a copy of the build sheet has Richard Johnson written on it. I bought my car from Richard, though it was not in as "good" condition as this one.. and needless to write, someone will have a big project on their hands!

    Hope someone buys it to give the car a god home.

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    Who knows where Richard got it as at one time a few years ago he was buying up all hawks he could find, once he sent a 6 car hauler to my place and we filled it, over the past few years I have seen a few of what he bought from me end up on E-bay, I know Richard has had a hard time the past few years but I hope is dong ok now, never met him but all my dealing with him were good.
    Castro Valley,


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      Might be worth price if engine actually has had work done and indeed does run......If someone can do most of the work himself, and is willing to invest several thousand, he may end up with a nice car.

      It certainly looks rot-free!


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        Its a small Studebaker world, and an even smaller 56J Studebaker world. I remember Richard. About 10 years ago, I sold him a 56J and a 53 'C' bodied Commander. He was collecting all the C/K bodied Studes he could find, and did not want restored, only projects. At that time, his collection had grown to several dozen IIRC. I heard from him later, that he was having problems, which Bob alluded to above. A nice guy, and a straight shooter.

        Hope whoever gets this 56J gives it what it needs. Looks like nothing $25,000-$75,000 won't fix, depending on the buyer's intentions for it