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  • New England Members - Homework Assignment

    The Northeast Zone meet last summer was visited by Cruisin New England | with Paul Mennett on NESN. They filmed a lot of Studebaker activity and the show is slated to be aired sometime between now and March 2016. I called the producer who said they don't know exactly when it will be shown but if you "LIKE" them on their Facebook page you will get notifications of future shows. They can't sell copies of the show due to production contracts.

    So I'm hoping someone up there that gets NESN (New England Sports Network) can "get " this show. I'd say tape it but I'm not sure that that is legal so to speak.

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    Jim, It's not illegal to record the show, however it is not legal to sell it for a profit. If I am able to get the show onto a
    DVD I was going to sell it to you for $1.00 + shipping. I guess now I will ask for a $1.00 donation + shipping.