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looking for a cheap running studebaker near virginia

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  • looking for a cheap running studebaker near virginia

    I've had a run of bad luck with my 1961 lark, during the last few weeks I've purchased several motors that just haven't worked out. So after some serious consideration I've decided to just buy something that's running and use my car for parts.

    I placed a ad in my local craigslist looking for Studebakers and have been searching the web but nothing that is reasonably priced.

    The condition of the cars I'm finding don't warrant the asking price and no one wants to negotiate.

    I'm looking to spend $0 - $1500 for a car or truck.

    it must run I cant afford to buy something that doesn't run at this point.
    "trying to save them from the crusher one at a time"

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    If you are planning to use your '61 Lark for parts, it needs to be the same Engine Type as the New one.

    Is it a Six, VI or Eight, VIII?
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      well my 61 lark is a v8

      but I'm not just looking at larks I'm open to other models as well... I've always admired the Studebaker commander "bullet nose".
      "trying to save them from the crusher one at a time"


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        Anything that runs, no matter what it is, is going to bring more than a grand......
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          Any car that runs is worth at least $1000. A Studebaker that runs will be even more.
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            I'm willing to put more on the table if the car is worth it .
            "trying to save them from the crusher one at a time"


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              I paid 1450 for my 65 Commander. It ran and was a nice original one-owner car. But then again, that was 16 years ago...


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                I would settle for just a running motor at this point. Everything I've purchased has been sitting for years and has various problems. (more then I would like to dig into)

                I'm probably never going to get a deal like I did when I bought my car (free!!!) , so I'm being open minded when it comes to what its going to cost to replace it.
                "trying to save them from the crusher one at a time"


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                  Do you have any of the engines you have purchased? It may be cheaper to fix one of them rather than starting over. Parts are readily available and most any reputable machine shop can do the required work.
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                    I have two 259 blocks that can be rebuilt , and one that is going to be turned into a coffee table .

                    Both core's have stuck pistons in various states one of the motors turn's a partial rotation then gets stuck. the other is just stuck solid.

                    both motors are soaking in various home brew's .
                    "trying to save them from the crusher one at a time"


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                      Wish I was back in VA, I have a '64 4 door with a Chevy 305 I would sell.
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                        If I were you I'd investigate this one:


                        Click image for larger version

Name:	00U0U_jljKNS8AiDK_600x450.jpg
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                        It's a little out of your range both financially and geographically, though not that much, and the ad doesn't say whether it runs or not, but hey, it's a convertible! I'd consider it worth a phone call.

                        Another thought (if it absolutely must be running and must be under $1500) is this one:


                        Click image for larger version

Name:	00P0P_llpiF5gRClu_600x450.jpg
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                        Get 'em to replace the brakes and you could (I suppose) fly or take a bus or Amtrak up and drive it back.


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                          If you would like to part your 61, I need a couple things.
                          PM me if you can.


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                            Many Vo Tec schools will rebuild your motor for just the cost of parts, as part of their educational purpose.


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                              If you are looking for a driver, avoid Stude six cylinders like the plague. The 65/66 Studes, with GM six cylinders are great though, and often can be found cheaper than 64 and earlier.