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  • Blinging up studebaker

    In addition to have the Lark tow ready for my lil glamper 66 serro scotty, going to make vinyl seatcovers for the lARK to match the cushions in the camper. I bought a grommet tool set for my husband to make seatcovers for it. he is also putting neon tube lights on the undercarriage. it will light up pink.Click image for larger version

Name:	s-l500.jpg
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ID:	1750215Click image for larger version

Name:	10481419_935968473103368_2963414059207407413_n.jpg
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ID:	1750216 the seatcovers will be deep sparkle pink.

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    Post pix when you're done!
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      Really all I wanted to say about this Pink Lark and it's Cool Serro Scotty Trailer is that since I read that the Plan mat be to flip them, I would put more universal upgrades into it that are universally accepted by most (never all of course).

      That could be:

      A coolant Overflow System
      4 way Flasher System
      Intermittent Wiper Control Box
      A 3rd. Stoplight
      possibly a Dual Master Cylinder
      Power Brakes or Disc Brakes
      A shoulder Harness

      This allows a Bigger Group of bidders to be interested in your Rigs and MUCH more Profit.
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        seriously I'm not intimated by what you say. there are glampers out there who love this stuff. I got trolled when I sold our 58 Packard , people saying mean things on cl, lol I saved their posts and then when I sold it for 3000 dollars to a guy who came from florida, I asked them if they are laughing now. unless a person is lazy they can redo the car and camper. glampers will buy it as it. when I sell it this year I will be sure to post it . I belong to a lot of trailer for sale groups, glamper groups on fb and there are markets out there for this stuff. mom always said if you don't have nothing good to say don't say it all.


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          sure I will post pix when I am done!


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            The glamper craze is pretty hot right now and we see them at the camp grounds here in Oregon a lot. There are a number of clubs and even a really well done book on the subject that my wife bought. We had an old 1964 Aloha trailer that my wife wanted me to tow with our Studebaker truck but she decided she needed a trailer with a bathroom so she sold it and bought a new one. She laments that decision all the time.
            Enjoy your toys. You only get one time around in life. You will probably be able to easily sell the whole package to a glampor when you are ready to give it up.
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              Do it your way and enjoy your ride...


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                I had to Google "glamper" as Ive never heard the term before. Seems pretty cool to me . Nothing wrong with accessorizing a camper and car to match. Its not like they are planning to cut the rear half of the lark off and welding on a flat bed or something that could not be reversed. Enjoy it, it looks fun.


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                  What are links to some of those sites. I have a great project that I don't have time to do. I will make somebody a good deal on a very small 1973 Winnebago and a fifth-wheel camper which a tree fell across the forward end. The interior, other than the bed is in great shape. I originally bought the motor home in hopes I could find an old COE body to make a unique dually pick-up.