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In April its finally happening trailer and Lark

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  • In April its finally happening trailer and Lark

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ID:	1750201since i last posted, my vintage serro scotty trailer got rebuilt. i put shasta wings on it and made it pretty inside. my husband did it all for me. in just a few more months, my husband will get my Lark ready to pull and tow it. hes going to put a different posi on my car, so it will give it more traction, a posi 307 we got off a donor lark viii a few years ago. brakes will be redone, new carb, electric fan, we have a hitch we can fashion a hitch for it seeing my husband is an auto technician . he painted the trailer to match my stude. hope to turn heads in the summer this year as we go to cruise ins with it. its been a fun journey. i may sell it at some point the combo next summer. am mulling it around in my head. its winter now in western ny but just a few more short months the fun begins. the last leg of my project that has been ongoing , going on for three years.
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    Excellent condition mbination and looks like tons and of fun. Once you enjoy it together you may change your mood no about selling!



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      it is fun, but my dad just died a week and a half ago. my mom has nothing. i want to at least sell the trailer so i can help her. i love my trailer so much, but i care for my mom and i want to do something for her.


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        Sorry to hear about your Dad and Mum's resulting situation. I do hope things work out for the best all around. In the meantime, both the car and trailer look great!
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          thank you. the inside of the trailer i made hollywood style. i am judy pink on facebook. public page. marilyn monroe is my focus. you can see pictures of inside of the glamper in camper in progress album. they do look pretty together. dont know how long i will have the camper. will have to wait until spring to sell it. was thinking of selling the studebaker with it too.