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  • FINALLY Arrived

    After dicking around for 2 1/2 months trying to find a Shipper that would Ship using a trailer and Pick's DONE. I needed a pick up/trailer to haul the extra parts, and be able to negotiate the very tight turns into my driveway. Jim Taylor at the Car Carriage worked with me all the way, and got the Hawk picked up and delivered in a weeks time. His Drivers even bolted on the hood and fenders and wrapped the carburetor in plastic to keep it dry. Just over 24 hours from Branson, MO to Syracuse, NY. Eased it into the Shop, and she's tucked in for the winter till we get back in the spring...

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    Good to hear!


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      Congrats! With the mild winter still going on, you could maybe stay there in Syracuse just to tinker with the car. Probably would get a lot done by spring.


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        Got her tucked in just in the nick of time. The weather is suppose to close in, starting this week end. I was sweating getting it in before Lake Ontario dumped on the place. We're good for 8-12 feet during the winter...but not here in Port Saint Lucie...


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          Joe, tell him about Dino

          Peter Bishop
          Northeast Zone


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            The First thing you need to check on arrival is that the Cooling System is DRAINED, including the Block, unless there is 50% Antifreeze in it which is unlikely.

            Very glad to hear you finally got that '56 Sky Hawk home.
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              Originally posted by PeterHawk View Post
              Joe, tell him about Dino
              Unfortunately, Dino's Hawk burned up a year or so ago. He is still a nice guy, and loves to talk Studes. Most nights, Dino can be found at the Dinosaur Barbeque off Catawba Street, in Syracuse.

              Peter, is the Syracuse chapter of the SDC still up and running? If so, that may be a good resource for Desoto, as well.


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                JOEHALL - CNY Studebaker Club is up and running...I'm a Charter Member...


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                  Happy to hear you finally received your Hawk and the assorted parts. Have fun in the spring!
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