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Reno Studebaker history note.

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  • Reno Studebaker history note.

    In a book today about Reno history I was skimming at the bookstore, I came across a caption I had to jot down. The photo was of a Tire and Rubber store in the early 1900s in Reno, NV. The caption I copied said:
    "...In 1913 vehicle registration, licensing and taxation began in Nevada. There were 1093 vehicles total registered...57 were trucks, buses, delivery vehicles and autos driven as taxis.
    103 makes.
    212 Ford
    101 Studebakers
    92 Buicks
    61 Willys-Overland
    57 Cadillac
    52 REOs
    44 Hupmobiles
    31 women were registered drivers...."

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    ...and no Cheveys! I love it.
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      Originally posted by Lou Van Anne View Post
      ...and no Cheveys! I love it.
      I agree, I thought that was odd. I'm guessing, with 103 makes listed, there were Dodge Brothers and Chevrolets, but there were only a few, so they weren't mentioned in that list. But, to us, we'd assume that there were more Chevrolets, Dodges and Chryslers than REOs, Willys-O, and Hupmobiles!


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        For what it is worth, Chevrolet was a relatively new independent started in 1911. There were probably not many built by 1913.
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          Chevrolet was just 2 years old in 1913. Dodge Brothers first appeared in 1914 and Chrysler in 1925 when Walter P took over Maxwell.



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            Well. All that and still there were 103 makes at the time!


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              Originally posted by LeoH View Post
              Well. All that and still there were 103 makes at the time!
              There were actually many times that number.
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                Walter Chrysler almost went to work managing Studebaker before he took over Maxwell. The 3 musketeers hated Erskine and convinced Chrysler to not take the offer from Studebaker.

                A lot of neat facts in the book, The Life and Times of Walter Chrysler.
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                  Well, in Reno, some of the cars that I can think that may have been around are Packard, Pierce Arrow, Oakland, Brush, Oldsmobile (not sure if it was apart of GM at that time) Little (Durant's companion car of Chevrolet),Stutz (the car that made good in a day) Mercer, Stanley, Baker,Paige, Crane-Simplex, Locomobile, Chalmers, Rambler, Jeffery, Auburn, Hudson, Marmon, Marion, Maxwell ( oh Mr. Benny!), Velie, and probably others that I have forgotten. Under the Studebaker cars, I wonder if they counted Garford EMF and Flanders under the same umbrella.

                  When I come for the zone meet in May, maybe I can take some time to research this further.

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