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    I was at the California Auto Museum this morning looking through the gift shop when I spotted a series of jig saw puzzles representing different decades of automobiles. Naturally, I looked at the 50s puzzle to see if it had a Studebaker. Much to my amazement, they did have a Studebaker, a 1951 bullet nose 4 door. Upon closer examination, I noticed it was MY 1951 bullet nose.

    Yes, I bought the puzzle......

    Click image for larger version

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    Well congrats, I guess. Do you know how they got the photo?
    Skip Lackie


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      Yes, professional photographer Ron Kimball took photos of my car and truck They can be seen at

      He told me that he sells the pictures to people making calendars and the like. (apparantly that includes jigsaw puzzles) I was hoping that one day I would come across one and here it is. Check out his website, he's got tons of pictures and many Studebakers.

      He slipped a business card in my truck at a car show and I followed up on it. He gave me two 8x10s (one of the car and one of the truck) for my payment and I signed an agreement that the images belong to him.
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      Jon Stalnaker
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        I did a similar thing years ago with the photographer of my 50 Commander convertible. It appeared in Smithsonian magazine, in several coffee table books, and on the cover of the second edition of the Langworth book. Congratulations to you and your car!
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          You can make your own computer puzzles here another great way to waste time


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            Congrats to you for Mr. Kimball recognizing your distinctive automobile.
            It is, deservedly, in esteemed company between a New Yorker and Continental MkII.
            62 GT


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              Just was looking at the on-line gift shop at Studebaker National Museum. They are selling this jigsaw puzzle there.
              Jon Stalnaker
              Karel Staple Chapter SDC