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    I found a bumper jack in the trunk of my 65 commander. I have no idea if it is a original or even what a original looks like. If anyone has use of it I would sell it very reasonably . I have no intentions of ever using it and I know some people like them for display in their trunks and would rather sell it cheaply to someone who really wants it. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

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    I've always felt that the bumper jacks that used to be in the trunks of new cars are dangerous. I never felt comfortable or safe when I needed to use one. I keep a floor jack in the trunk of my Studebaker in case I need it.
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      I'm with Rog on this too. I'd either just keep the original jack for looks & carry a small floor jack or just call AAA if needed to.
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        Ones for show and ones for GO. The original is there, just because. The hydraulic is there in case of an emergency.
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          I totally agree when I was 14 I was changing my aunts tire and dropped her car. I managed to get the car up but never used a bumper jack again. I thought someone might want it for looks.


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            Some of us need both. I can raise the car with the hydraulic bottle jack I carry but still need the bumper jack to slightly raise the body so my 215/75 tires will clear the Hawks wheel opening.