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Hagerty valuation of losers ('57/'58 Golden Hawks)

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  • Hagerty valuation of losers ('57/'58 Golden Hawks)

    Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
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    So few Golden Hawks sell that one or two are going to "make the market" in any year. Tough to see a "trend".

    With that said, Hagerty's data does not show a 30% decline in value for Golden Hawks...
    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      With the end of the year approaching, I suppose it is inevitable that Dick Steinkamp and I would agree on something over a 12-month period , and Dick is right in this instance: There simply aren't enough Golden Hawks trading hands that a few "silly sales" at auctions around $100,000 won't unrealistically skew an average figure.

      If you have two $100,000 silly sales one year and eight realistic sales for much less, it will look like the market is down if you have only one silly sale the next year...even if realistic sales hold steady or gain slightly. BP
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        "Silly sales." I like that term.
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          That just tells you that the FOOLS at Barrett Jackson just overpaid and drove the price up, and now it is levelling off to where it should be, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Real value of a Golden Hawk.
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            "Market Correction"?...


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              I hope that for at least as long as I'm around Studebakers remain affordable to 'Joe Average Middle Income Guy'!


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                Hey I own a Hudson Commodore and according to this they got whacked more than the Golden Hawks. If they are only trolling the auction sites I would be surprised if more than 2 or 3 Commodores crossed the blocks and most of those would be the high dollar convertibles.
                Dan White
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                  What it comes down to is that if you enjoy it - buy it and drive it! If you don't enjoy it and you aren't going to drive it, why bother owning it?

                  Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                    I hate those TV auctions.

                    Anyone who has seen their car in one of the silly sales thinks the rotting hulk they are sitting on is a gold mine!