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    Been recuperating from back surgery. Not been permitted in the shop for two months. So I built a website... is a work in progress, to include two 56 Golden Hawk builds. After clicking

    on this URL.. browse the site by clicking on the named automobiles. The Studebaker and Packard will give you a drop down list of additional specific cars to click on for viewing.

    Remember....this is a work in progress with lots more to post and lots more to complete on the cars for additional posting.

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    I didn't see anything about your 2Rtruck. Do you still have it?
    Jon Stalnaker
    Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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      Originally posted by Sdude View Post
      I didn't see anything about your 2Rtruck. Do you still have it?
      Decided at the onset of 2015 to keep a few cars home to complete and send the rest out to be finished. In doing so, some of the people helping me with the cars asked about three of my Studebakers....the 53 2R truck...

      32 St.Regis Brougham and a 31 President coupe. So my painter took the truck and Alan Barth took the St.Regis and the President. Hated to let any of them go, but I need to get down in numbers. Sold all my 34 Fords in the early

      spring and will continue to sell the cars as they are built out....keeping 3 or 4 for the wife and I. Finally realized you can only drive one car at a time, not to mention it has become more "work" than "fun".


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        Good to hear from you Mike !
        will check you website out ..... Have a Merry Christmas !

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          Looks like a great start. I will be following the progress.
          Have a Merry Christmas.
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            Have added more information on both 56 Golden Hawks since initial post.

            Writing this after a few questions people had about rust treatments, as well as, rust inhibitors and converters/primers we use on our cars.

            Familiar to many is the rust treatment.....Ospho, and its predecessor Rusticide. I buy both direct from the factory here in Cleveland. Use these on various areas of all cars.

            Gibbs Penatrant...corrosion inhibitor...water repellent. Use it after rust treatment. Scott's Hot Rods had a bare steel pickup at Sema to show their metal forming techniques....treated
            only with only Gibbs !! You can prime over it.

            Rust Destroyer is a red rust converting primer....use it after rust treatment/Gibbs.

            IPC Industrial Protective Coating....another rust converting primer......lays out like an OEM black satin finish. Is a shame to paint over it! Use it after rust treatment/Gibbs. Floor cans are on painted with IPC.

            Exposed exterior painted parts....always two coat Epoxy prime over bare steel to then finish paint.
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