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Double saddle clamp for exhaust

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  • Double saddle clamp for exhaust

    Hi guys,
    I'm getting ready to put the original type exhaust on my 65 v8. The book calls for 2 double saddle clamps at the junction of the y pipe and long pipe going to the muffler. How do they mount and do I need 2 of the double clamps or just one? Thanks


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    Had a pair of double saddle clamps on our 1962 GT Hawk. They were positioned on the head pipe to intermediate pipe to the mufflers. When the exhaust system was replaced in the early 1970's the clamps were reused and positioned with tightening nuts facing the ground. Mistake! When pulling car into garage when home, exposed threaded part of clamp caught lip of garage floor and pulled both exhaust pipes off! Granted, car had settled over the years but, if I were putting the clamps on today, I'd position them in the three o'clock position.
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      The second Dual Clamp on the original Single Exhaust System could only have been used to secure the Left Head Pipe (Crossover) to the Right Head Pipe.

      As you know the 1st. one connects the Right Front Exhaust Pipe (Head Pipe) to the Rear Exhaust Pipe.

      UPDATE: I checked Pg. 37 of the '65-'66 Chassis Parts Catalog and the Part Number and Quantity listing must be WRONG, because the Pic. shows Three Single clamps, all different Numbers due to Diameter and only ONE Dual Clamp.

      I know that sometimes the Pictures can be Generic, but in this case all Models are the Same except the Wagonaire (shown separately) and common sense tells us it is not Likely to have TWO.
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        I was thinking there might be a typo in the chassis manual as well. It makes sense that only one would be used. 57, thanks for the advice, I'll keep it positioned so threads aren't down.