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1948? C Cab on ebay

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  • 1948? C Cab on ebay

    There is a 2R5 truck for sale on eBay (Item # 141850482672) that the seller says is listed as a 1948 on the Georgia title. Ever heard of this before?

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    Georgia did not have titles laws until 1963. I haven't been able to get a titles registered in Georgia that was issued before 1963. Someone might have called it a 2R5 on a bill of sale. The biggest reason for saying that 2R5 trucks are 1948 models is because most street rod rules call for 1948 as the shut-off date.


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      Yes, I have.
      There are two common ways this happens (both are not correct to the vehicle).
      1) The truck was a 1949 model year vehicle originally sold in the 1948 calendar year.
      2) An owner along the way titled the truck as a 1948, rather than the correct 1949, in order to meet street rod regulations (club, state and/or insurance).
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        I have seen lots of 49 Studebaker trucks advertised as 1948 models.This causes confusion among the non Studebaker folk, but it is usually pointless to tell someone at a rod trot that their car or truck is a different year. They don't want to deal with the title error and such.

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