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  • A couple of thank you's

    In the past several weeks I've asked for help a couple of times on this forum. In the first instance I was hoping to find an outside door-hinge-mounted rear view mirror for a '37 Coupe-Express. Tom Walgamuth had one and was willing to let it go. Thank you Tom

    Last week a '35 Commander sedan showed up on e-Bay. I was really interested in this car, but it was in LA and I'm in LA (Los Angeles and Louisiana respectively) I went on here and asked if there was anyone closer who might be willing to look at the car for me. Ken Buchanan (spokejr) volunteered and sent me a full report and pictures of the car. He even drove his '63 Avanti when he went to look at the Commander. (Impressed the heck out of the seller). My bid for the car wound up short and I didn't win it, but I really appreciate Ken's input. Tom

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    I've been helped out many time I will add another Thank You! too
    Lou Van Anne
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      Tom, that's very kind of you to mention it. It was fun being able to go kick the tyres on a car I wasn't about to buy and know I wasn't wasting someone else's time. As I mentioned, it's always fun to go shopping with someone else's money! I'm just sorry you didn't win out.

      BTW, there were lots of interesting cars in the seller's (Albert is his name) collection. He even has his dad's old car that he learned to drive in!


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        Nice to hear that you had a good experience.
        Forum members have helped me a number of times and I try to return the favor. Most of the people on here are good folks, but a sour apple shows up from time to time.
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          My experience on this Forum is the same. I cannot think of many communities of folks that are more helpful, resourceful, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile like Studebaker folks.
          Ed Sallia
          Dundee, OR

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