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Cute Lark Convert.

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  • fpstude
    What a great car. Our Lark is Colonial Red, or at least pretty close to it. If I was ordering one I think I would chose your color. I think it is Johquil Yellow. I see it has inlulation under the hood. At a recent meet in Selma I lost points because I didn't have any. A fellow club member is sure that hood insulation was not on all Larks. What is correct? I believe all GT Hawks had hood insulation. If it makes any difference our Lark is a six.

    '23 Special Six,
    '50 Business Champ,
    '50 Starlight Champ,
    '60 Lark droptop,
    '63 GT R1

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  • JDP
    started a topic Cute Lark Convert.

    Cute Lark Convert.

    Listed this one 2 years or so back, and it's going up again tomorrow. Don't let the wife see the pics.

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