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    When the SASCO bldg was razed, I believe I remember hearing that the guard house next to it and the one across the street at the engineering bldg were being taken down and were to be saved to be rebuilt somewhere else. Does anyone know their fate. Just curious.

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    The main gate and guard house were dismantled and are in storage. They were supposed to be reassembled on their original site but after talking to City officials about two weeks ago and reminding them of the project they said it will be addressed and hopefully be completed but unsure of where or when. I believe the original site would be perfect being as it is still an open field and could be the gateway to the new high tech area being built there and told them it would be ideal to have it reassembled and dedicated for the 2017 International Meet in South Bend. Anyone that wishes to remind them of the article on their plans that were in the South Bend Tribune a number of years ago can write to the Mayors Office or Department of Community Investment.
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      Along similar lines, has anyone heard of any progress on the Studebaker Fountain Restoration?


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        Just talked to The History Museum and was told it is a also being safely stored and they have a full report on it's restoration including replicating the missing parts from a company in Alabama that has the original J.L. Mott molds used. Cost would be about $500,000 if they went that route. They will be meeting with leaders of the City, Parks and CVB to discuss further plans and hope to start fundraising in 2016. There are less expensive alternatives. Both projects would be great additions to the Studebaker Trail and tourism in the area of which Studebaker is the second largest draw after Notre Dame. Does the SDC have any type of historic committee or anything to help on these types of projects to assist Chapters to preserve the Studebaker legacy?


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          Great news! Thanks for the update.