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Art Morrison built chassis to suit C/K

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  • Art Morrison built chassis to suit C/K

    Just wondering if any members might have or know of any other Art Morrison built chassis' to suit C/K cars that might be being assembled or built?
    I bought this one a while back with a 55 hardtop car and just looking down the track what might be involved to build it?
    It had a bit of surface rust on it by the time it was freighted to me so I have just blasted it and etch primed it, beautifully made, takes Mustang II front end and 4 link 9" rear, perfect for a convertible C/K project!

    Brian Greenall
    Melbourne, OZ

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    I can't vouch for there chassis under the Stubaker, however Arts chassis are one of the most sought after, when looking for a quality chassis. It looks as though you have a nice one there. Did you get the triangulated four link bars with it also ? Was it a rolling chassis ? Just a pet peeve of mine, but although it's labeled as Mustang II there is very little left, other then the rack, which is also aftermarket. I see yours is a coil over front. You really got a nice chassis there.... Steve..

    i aslo noticed the center mandrel bent tubes are only tacked in, I'm thinking for making it easy to remove or relocate for different drivetrain and locations.
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      I'm Jealous, I could sure use one of those. Good luck with your project. Looks like a great start.
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        ralt12 Kevin on the forum has one sweet "C" setting on a Morrison chassis.



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          Not sure why they would have a wider kick out at the rear at the 4 link mount. Most times it narrows in at that point so you can add a shorter rear end and tubs. But the frame looks good and strong. Nice set up.


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            My buddy Keith Christensen was building that car. Keith is a machinist by trade and an excellent hot rod builder. I'm sure he had a detailed plan for that car that he could share with you. If you didn't buy it directly from him or have lost his contact info if you did, PM me and I can put you in contact with him.

            BTW, here's one of his builds. It also went to Oz...

            Dick Steinkamp
            Bellingham, WA


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              swvalcon -

              By the existing brackets, it's not really a "four link" as the term goes, it's a "triangulated" four link chassis. That's why the rear rails are so far apart. Though the upper bar mounts are visible, you can't see the lower bar mounts in the pictures.

              The front is also not a true "Pinto/Mustang II" either. The upper arm mount is a much better setup (my opinion) than the original Ford version. The control arm itself is the adjuster for camber/caster.

              Nice start there packard.



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                I have one also. I am trying to figure out how to mount the body. The factory had a crazy number of body mount points. Some of mine were lost during rust repairs.

                Be prepared to rework the trunk floor to clear the rear shock crossmember.

                I am also working out firewall mods for motor setback.

                My cousin started this project and purchased a custom firewall kit, The kit had a dog house for the motor but it was not angled to match the the installed firewall and wound up with limited clearance at the top of the intake.

                I sure hope the suspension is better than a Mustang because I plan to exercise it at the autocross. I am concerned about the short arm length.

                Had the body pickled and was pleased to not get back total swiss cheese.

                Pete welded in new rockers and floors and the custom smooth firewall.

                Body needs to come 2" forward and 1" down from here.
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                  Not looking to hijack a thread here, but here is a trunk pan I built for a customers Stude with one of my chassis underneath.


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                    looks very good!
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                      Steve, nice work on that trunk pan!
                      I still have to buy the triangulated 4 link bars from Art.
                      This is why I wanted to see a chassis rolling so I can get some idea what I need.

                      Bob, thanks for the link to Nelson Motorsport that is a really informative series of build photos.
                      I was surprised that a couple of chassis/projects appeared so quickly considering what he charges for this frame. How many made does anybody know?

                      Thanks Dick, I did buy the project from Keith with the help of Mike O'Handley doing the hard work for me on the deal.
                      I like the way you can drive down the road with no hood, doors and registration and not worry about being pinged by the coppers! Out here you couldn't go 20ft without being hauled into the slammer. Got to move to the US!

                      Rick, thanks for the photos, just what I needed to see.
                      I am doing a Hardtop body shell like yours, could I PM you with some questions?
                      Not going over the top with late model chev power like you guys, just a blown Studie engine with a o/drive trans.

                      Brian Greenall
                      Melbourne, OZ


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                        Also available from Arizona: Front and full frames with body mounting tabs

                        Bill Foy
                        1000 Islands, Ontario
                        1953 Starlight Coupe


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                          Originally posted by packardHawk58 View Post
                          I am doing a Hardtop body shell like yours, could I PM you with some questions?
                          Certainly, but why not keep it in this thread for everyone's reference?


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                            On a few other sites that I administer, I stick the thread. And it is always there for later reference.
                            Packardhawk58, that is a very cool motor ! !


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                              Morrison frames are pretty cool and "interesting" looking.
                              I need to do a little computer modeling to understand what the extra rails mounted inboard are contributing.

                              Have you weighed it?

                              Some of the crossmembers appear to be only tack welded. Have you compared to other Morrison frames to see if maybe it was still in construction?
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