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    I finally put my engine and transmission back in my car after 2 years. I took a lot of pictures 2 years ago but missed taking a picture of what hooks the cable to the lever on the transmission. My car is a 65 commander with a 283 v/8 and a borg warner 3 speed od transmission. I will look in my manual but would appreciate any help. A picture would be great. Thanks

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    Bill, the part you need is identified as an Overdrive Control Swivel. It's a part that was used forever; #185336. It secured the end of the cable to the overdrive lever on the side of the overdrive unit. Hopefully, it is somewhere in your parts; it's smaller than your thumb, so may have been misplaced.

    If you can't find it, it shouldn't be difficult to find a new or good used one; they don't rust out and were used on thousands of Studebakers with overdrive, both cars and trucks, back into the 30s. BP
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      Got pic? I might have a free one.



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        Robert Kapteyn


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          Thanks i looked online and saw a picture of one that was a bolt with a hole in it like you guys described. I am sure i can make one. Thanks again.