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Need some help transporting two tires

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  • Need some help transporting two tires

    I sold two tires off of the Durango I bought to get the parts I needed for the ThunderHawk Project. The proceeds from the sale go to the Hawk project but in order to complete the sale I need to find a way to get them from the Central Coast of California to Visalia or somewhere close to there. They are off the rims and will will bag them to keep your vehicle clean. If you are traveling for the holiday and have room for them please contact me and let me know your thoughts on this. I figured this might be a good time since so many people will be traveling this week to visit family and such.
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    Look into commercial transport, such as UPS. I believe that they will transport them with just a well attached tag at a reasonable cost.

    For example, for comparison purposes, I priced a set (4) of tires from Tire Rack. They will ship them from CT to me in NY for $53 (for 4).
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      ?Send them via Greyhound.
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        Bought many larger items and had them shipped via Greyhound bus. Was very reasonable cost wise. Just had to drive twenty miles to the nearest Greyhound Express station to pick them up. Always had company, my girls knew we had to drive by the Apple Store!
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