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  • Moultrie Swap meet

    I attended the Moultrie swap meet with a friend who took a Bronco down to sell. It didn't. I went along to pick up a 1956 Power Hawk that I bought last week about fifty miles from the swap meet.
    There were many beautiful cars there as well as the usual junk. I only saw three Studebakers: Two 1962 GT Hawks and a 1936 Dictator 4-dr. None of them were special. The Hawks were priced at $15,000 each and the Dictator was priced at $10,500. I don't think any of them sold.
    Just before I got onto I-75 headed home, there was a weird noise from the right front when I really got on the brakes. By the time I got to the middle of Atlanta, the brakes were gone. I stopped (barely) to get gas and brake fluid, but they were out of brake fluid. I did a stupid thing; I drove the rest of the way (about 100 miles) without brakes. I took it out of overdrive and used the compression for brakes. Thank goodness, I got home without any problems.

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    Can not wait to see it Sam............
    Jack White
    North Carolina Studebaker Drivers Club


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      Glad you made it home safely, Sam. Good luck on a quick fix. I've suffered a similar fate some time ago. Quite the adrenalin rush, eh?


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        Now that's some skills right there!

        Not safe but at times we must do what we must do.



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          ru8bbing alcohol or even beer will substitute for brake fluid in a pinch.
          Neil Thornton


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            Neil, I never new that "interesting". but about the BEER,would that classify as DWI

            Originally posted by rockinhawk View Post
            ru8bbing alcohol or even beer will substitute for brake fluid in a pinch.
            Joseph R. Zeiger


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              I guess the beer idea would be alright, but only if it was cheap beer and not something that was really good stuff.
              Joe Roberts
              '61 R1 Champ
              '65 Cruiser
              Eastern North Carolina Chapter