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  • Studebaker Bonneville questions

    Hi . . . been working on a project regarding hi-po Studebakers. Bob Palma and George Krem have been extremely helpful, but now I'm faced with some confusion regarding timelines and I'm hoping someone here is able to clarify.

    As far as I can tell, Studebaker ran Bonneville on these approximate dates:

    - August 1962 (broke Mickey Thomson's record)

    - Feb 1963 (Super Lark and Super Hawk)

    - [more.....see below]

    Now this is where it becomes confusing:

    - In August 1963, a collaboration with Sears Allstate led to several cross-country jaunts, with the car eventually heading to Bonneville for a two-way average of 145.99 mph. However, I can't find the date of this run.

    - Then there were several runs where 72 records were broken. I have a Studebaker News issue from October 1963 that talks about it and shows several ads created to commemorate the event. Since the issue is 10/63, I can only guess these runs were before September 1963, correct?

    - And then in October 1963 there was another run, this time with Due Cento. However, I am unsure what other Studebakers were run - in my notes, I have Granatelli bringing a dozen cars, but I think that's mixing up the above (72 records broken).

    If someone is well versed in Studebaker's Bonneville efforts and can help me sort out the dates (I don't need exact dates, so "Aug 1963" is fine), it would be much appreciated. I simply don't want to mix up the visits to Bonneville and the results - cheers!

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    More here:




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      I remember the excitement when the Granatellis took the Studies to Bonneville. It was about then that dad Started buying Chrysler products as Studies were no longer being made. Our 59 lark six wagon was his last studie. It was replaced with a 61 Lancer wagon.
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        I gave Sonny Josker a brochure of the record runs, had the dates, times and records. He was going to put them up on the Racing Stude forum, but I don't know where to look for them, of even if he has put them up yet.


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          The latest museum Avanti DVD includes new footage of testing at Bonneville. It is identified as Studebaker at Bonneville, January 1963. This is of test runs mostly of the 2 red Avantis followed by some runs of the gold Avanti. Also at the end they run a green Supercharged Hawk. There is a black supercharged Lark there but no footage of running it. Looks like it started to rain and they loaded up the Avantis then ran the Hawk but no footage of the Lark running. There is also a white Lark you see at the beginning, But this doesn't have the large "Supercharged Avanti Power" sticker on it like is on the Hawk and black Lark as well as on the Avanti which became Due Cento. The other red Avanti and the gold one don't have this sticker.


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            Thanks for the replies . . . will follow the leads and links.