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Looking for his Dad's custom '53

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  • Looking for his Dad's custom '53

    This customized '53 (from the early 1960's) appeared in the 'Roadside America' thread back in March. I just learned that the former owner's son is now trying to locate it.

    Gary Elmore's son, Gary Elmore Jr., is currently trying to locate his dad's old custom. If you know what happened to it, or if you have any leads or additional info to share, please get in touch with us at

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Gary-elmore-1953-studebaker-custom6.jpg
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    Cool beans, Dwain. I hope it surfaces, and be sure to keep us posted. BP
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      Add me to the list of those hoping he finds the car. Our forum member "Wolfie" found his dad's old (53 or 54). If he sees this, I'll leave it to him to share the story. My dad let one of my older brothers borrow his '40 Chevy back in the late 1960's, and I never saw the car again. Through the years, my brother gave different versions of the fate of the car.

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        Whoa! Gary was out of Castro Valley, CA!! We don't know ANYONE up there do we?
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          I love the front treatment, I like the rear view, but could do without the sidepipes and the fender openings on side. I hope it can be found regardless.


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            Something about that car looks familiar to me.... Perhaps it's been recently revived in a slightly modified form?
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