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End of an Era (U-Pick Parts closing) some Studebaker parts still there

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  • End of an Era (U-Pick Parts closing) some Studebaker parts still there

    I hope it can be accepted to post this in Studebaker Specific. I don't have means to supply images in Stove Huggers. And anyone who has gotten STUDEBAKER parts out of this yard I'm sure can understand.

    I visited the U - Pick Parts yard today in Sun Valley, CA.. This is the independent self serve yardDec. 30th
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    Geeze; 'hate to see that happen in a dry climate. In the midwest, there wouldn't be enough rust left to crush. BP
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      I'm sorry to see it go too. First time for me was back in 87 when I needed stuff for my 62 Daytona. Back then I was just getting back into Studes & didn't really pay any attention to the 4 speed Wagonaire that was sitting there looking for attention. For all I know it may have been an R powered car too but my knowledge wasn't up to speed then either.

      At first glance I thought this post had something to do with LKQ Corp, that owns Pick-A-Part, buying the Ecology yards. I had heard that last week from a guy that has connections in the salvage industry, so he's usually pretty accurate. Too bad my trucks cant make the run out there so I'd be limited to small stuff but for old times sake, worth the drive.
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        I was the guy pulling the rear windows out of the '54 Champion Starlight coupe yesterday. There isn't much of anything useful on the car (the trunk lid is still there and decent and they said $51 for it). If I remember correctly, the windshield is good (and tinted).
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          Howard, sorry I didn't recognize you. I believe I briefly met you a few years ago through Mark Warmann at the Simi Valley car show. Especially with the yard closing I'm glad to see parts from old cars getting used. My wife had dropped me off while she got our son at the airport. So, I didn't have as much time as I would have liked there. If I don't get called to jury duty on Monday I'll go back when we return to the airport and have a more thorough look. Warren, I believe you were the person who came up and got some of the Champ parts a while back.

          Yes, as I understand it LKQ owns Pick Your Part, had bought out Pick A Part a while back and are now taking over Ecology (I heard that too). At this point I think the only other self serve yards are Pick N' Pulls in northern California. I wonder when LKQ will take them over??? It seems like a monopoly on the self serve wrecking business.
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            My dad and brothers and I used to go there for Studebaker parts quite often back in the 60s. I have very fond memories of poking around the place all day looking for treasures for our cars. It is sad to see these places disappearing.
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              It was used as a backdrop in the 1970's on the tv show Emergency!
              I always would scan the junked cars for Studebakers.
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                '64 Lark Type, powered by '85 Corvette L-98 (carburetor), 700R4, - CASO to the Max.