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Fire in Dayton...Packards destroyed

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  • Fire in Dayton...Packards destroyed

    Looks like some of these were after the merger, so I am putting it on this page...bummer news about a fire at the Packard Museum area..

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    UGH! Geeze, I'm sorry to see this and had not heard of it. Thanks for the post.

    It doesn't appear that the actual Packard Museum was destroyed, but adjacent storage facilities. In the 1990s, my 1956 Clipper hardtop was displayed in that museum for the winter, but it was in an area that probably didn't burn, but surely has smoke and water damage.
    We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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      So sad to hear of this. I am very relieved it wasn't the main facility.
      We loved visiting their museum and the delightful conversations with the conservator.

      Though it has been 20 years ago, I remember vividly every square inch of the "Grey Wolf" racer with the thin rows of copper cooling lines running along the frame.
      62 GT