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I never get tired of it.

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  • I never get tired of it.

    I had my 62 GT out Sunday and I'm at the gas station filling her up and at least 4 people stopped and told me how great she looked or asked me what year she was or what kind of car is that. If I had the newest ZO6 Corvette I don't think anybody would have given me a second look. Certainly no one would have bothered to come over and talk to me. I never get tired of how people react when they see my Studebaker but it does make me feel a bit guilty because I haven't done enough work on her.
    I'd rather be driving my Studebaker!


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    Spreading that Studebaker gospel!
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      Yes, old Brook Stevens really knew how to do it right!


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        You know, I do enjoy the attention, thumbs up and stranger's stories I get from driving my Lark and don't regret it for a minute. As I drove past cars on a car lot for less money than I paid for my Lark, yet still I've not spent 1/3 of my purchase price on repairs since purchase...I'll say it again. Long before I knew about Studebaker ownership and CASOs, I was Scots-ish, and the time and little money I've put in on maintenance on my Lark since purchase is still less than I I'd have had to fork out for basic maintenance and upkeep on a newer vehicle. Add on to that, increased insurance, licensing and loan payments...I'm sold.
        Just this evening going to the store, the guy in his early 70s getting out of his car next to mine told me about his time working at a Studebaker car lot (Buick, Chevy and a couple of others) in Fairfield, California in the mid 60s. He remembers the lot carrying Studebakers for a couple of years before they went to Canada. He liked the cars and remembered them as being good cars.
        I like driving my car on September 13th, but for me, every day I drive my car is Drive Your Studebaker Day.


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          That's exactly how I feel! I love being asked about it and all the stories we get to tell and hear whenever we fill up with gas or stop at the store. I have found that I PURPOSEFULLY take a different route to someplace and stop at different locations when I go to work or do my errands, just so I can expose the car to more people.

          Also, I feel guilty that the body work is not perfect, and the paint is not beautiful and shiny. But it is all original. Now they call it "patina"!

          Keep sharing!
          Dis-Use on a Car is Worse Than Mis-Use...
          1959 Studebaker Lark VIII 2DHTP


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            When I drive my Hawk-I try to drive it at least once a week year 'round- I have to allow a little extra time for people who stop me and ask about it. I've heard most of the stories about someone's uncle's Studebaker that beat every Corvette in town or about how Packard bought out Studebaker or how my car has a Ford 289 or an AMC motor or how my car is just like the one in Clint Eastwood's movie except his was black. Any more, I just smile and nod.....


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              Packard DID buy out Studebaker. It was a friendly merger that Studebaker wanted, but, technically and financially, Packard purchased Studebaker.


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                That's got to be one of the more oddball mergers: the company being bought takes over the company buying it.
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