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    In the days before cheap long distance phone service, people used telegrams to take care of routine business. Western Union charged by the letter, so Studebaker came up with short, simple words to use instead of multi-word model names. Comet was one of them, and probably refers to Commander Starlight Coupe (don't have my parts books handy so can't check). These terms are listed near the front of the parts book.
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      Comet is simply one of dozens of nondescript names assigned to the various models as a form of pre-internet shorthand when communication was sometimes done by telegraph.

      Character count is important when sending telegraphs, so Comet used fewer characters than Commander Starlight Coupe, thus saving time and money in telegraph communications. BP
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        Bob and Skip, Thank you very much guys, I will pass this on. As usual, you guys came through


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          Those code words were used for many years back when Telegrams and telephones were the only fast way to communicate across country, and both were relatively expensive. When used to order a car, the dealership would look up the code for the exact model and equipment wanted. A Comet was a Commander 5 passenger coupe with top level trim and overdrive transmission.


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            Even with computerization, the Ontario Government when issuing ownership (title) certificates still uses 4 letters when describing the vehicle. My 1961 Lark is called a STUD. Unless of course they're referring to its owner. LOL

            Stu Chapman


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              Originally posted by Stu Chapman View Post
              Unless of course they're referring to its owner.
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                My 70 Avanti is titled as a AMC in Tn.