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power steering ram rebuild

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  • power steering ram rebuild

    Shot myself in the foot big this time. I took my hawk power steering ram in to Lares Corp. for a rebuild as they are only about 15 miles from my house and close to my brothers so I met him for lunch. Picked it up this week and then later just happened to be on Rockauto's web site and found I could have billed it though them still dropped it off a Lares and had it rebuilt as they are one of their suppliers and saved myself a $100. Live and learn. I will for sure do that with the valve when that gets redone.

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    That really makes me wonder how much more a High Volume Rebuilder could do to a Ram than just do what most of us do ourselves, open one end, slide seals off, slide new Seals on, Done!

    Kinda a Wax ON, Wax OFF thing if you saw the Movie.

    Maybe you paid for the bead blast and Paint.
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      Only thing I do like is warranted for as long as I own the car so if it ever starts to leak I'll get my moneys worth.