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  • Back in action.

    The 61 Lark is back in action after the accident on Father's Day. (See "A sad day"). I went to a couple of local car shows and did ok. I still need to fix the exhaust system, straighten the gas tank a bit (it is a bit off center), and look into my leaf springs. Thanks.
    David G. Nittler

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    The Body Shops and Insurance estimates seem to always miss things like on front end collisions, suspension damage, steering and tie rods, front end alignment and headlight adjustment, etc.

    In your case it looks like it was the Trunk Lock, Gas Tank and Exhaust System.

    Those items SHOULD have been written up on a Supplement to the original Estimate and turned in to the Insurs. Co. for approval and payment. You should not have to deal with it.

    Some States have Laws allowing you to return it after driving it.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      This sounds like good news, ACTION PACKED . is the gas tank a problem "as in the mounting brackets" are tweaked from impact ? if so,did that cause any distortion to the side/sides of the tank walls,are You aware of any leaks at the factory seams ? I sent You a PM.
      Joseph R. Zeiger


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        The tank is a bit lower in the back. Still figuring that out.
        David G. Nittler


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          Glad to hear it's "mostly" back to where it was. Did you point these items out to the shop?


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            I did indeed. The exhaust system is not their thing. I think it had a hole in it before. You would think something would last 25 years!!!
            David G. Nittler