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Opinions please, $ value of these brake backing plates.

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    As StudeRich mentioned, those '63-'64 Champ backing plates bolt directly onto earlier trucks. These also include the 1941-48 M5 1/2-ton pickups, 1939 Coupe Express trucks, as well as 1939-41 Commander and President cars. With Studebaker International now offering reproduction brake drums to fit, brakes can be improved substantially on the cars and trucks while still keeping drum-type brakes. Now we just need to get Ed Reynolds to have some of these backing plates stamped out as reproductions, too. I think that '64-'64 Champ backing plates are the same basic stamping as the Lark-type 11" brakes, just with a different mounting bolt pattern and center hole. Can anyone check that?

    Joe Zeiger, you seem to have a set of each, so how do they look?
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      Back-tracking again?....That's OK Deep, harm, no foul!!
      sigh... Skip it Ed... You'll never get it...
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        sigh... Skip it Ed... You'll never get it...
        That's untrue Jeff....I 'got your number' a LONG time ago!